Best 5 Website Link Manager 2024

Website Link Manager helps to control the links or URLs (web addresses) attached to a website or online content. work accurately and lead to the proper destinations. Thus, it involves functions of creating, updating, and deleting links

Benefits of website link manager:-

1. Better organization of link:-

You can normally make better use of long URLs by turning them into organization-specific short links. You can even create links with words everyone can remember.Any good website link management tool should offer you multiple ways to structure and organize important destination pages:

  • the ability to edit URLs
  • folders for categorizing your links
  • Those for workspaces and for access facilities by members.

2. Faster information discovery
How long do you spend each day trying to locate information you need at work? On average, two hours. Ten good hours of your work-week are gone, to no productive end.
You can drastically reduce this unproductive time with link management tools.

Top 5 Best Website Link Manager

  1. Browser Bookmarks:-

Chrome bookmarks are like your online memory. Here you can save a website link. If you see a website you want to save, just click the star in the corner of your browser.

After clicking the star, a window asks where you want to store your bookmark. However, when you want to return to your favorite sites, you don’t have to type in the long web address. Just hit the three lines in the corner, select ‘Bookmarks you can also use CTR D command to add bookmarks by shortcuts

2. is one of the best tools for Managing web links. It is a very organized way to manage a link. If you have  got a lot of website links  and you want to keep in an organized way than helps you to manage.

 Steps for guiding on how to manage or use, a website link manager:

Step 1: Access
Type into your web browser’s address bar and press Enter to visit the website.

Step 2: Sign Up or Log In
New users should click on the Sign Up or Register button to create a new account. Those who already have accounts, need only log in with their account name and password.

Step 3: Create a Category:
In tools you can categorize your links. To further organize these links in categories, simply find the button for creating a category, name the category, and save it.

Step 4: Add a New Link

If you wish to add a new link, there should be some kind of Add Link, New Bookmark, or similar button or option. Click on it.
Step 5: Save the Link
After you’ve filled in all the details then find a button marked Save or Add and click it to add the link.

Step 6: Edit or Delete Links:

You should be able to revise and erase a link later if necessary, too. Go to buttons or links that say ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ and click through.

Step 7: Access Your Bookmarks

Speaking of bookmarks or links, try to locate a section or menu in the website that says ‘My Bookmarks,’ ‘My Links,’ etc. If you click on it, you can see and manage your links.

It also have an additional features

  • It also gives  Sharing benefits. Here, you can easily share your ordered link collection with friends or teammates using
  •  The best part is it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. No matter whether you are on your computer, tablet or phone, your library is right there with you. Convenience at its best!

  • And also in you cannot save every link by copy link and paste in If you download extensions then you can save directly without a copy pasting link. It give a easiest way to save your link


When you are looking for a better website link manager then is very helpful for managing your favorite websites. Say you come across a favorable  website and want to be able to find it again easily. Then provides a better option to save your website link.

 Step-by-step guide on how to manage or use, a website link manager:

Step 1: Access
Type into your web browser’s address field and press Enter to see the website.

Step 2: Save a Bookmark

All you need to do is type and whatever address bar address you want to save before pressing Enter in the address bar, and a bookmark has been saved. For instance, if you wish to save, just type and confirm.

Step 3: Create an Account

It is optional If you want to open an account so you can use the bookmarks management service, search for a Sign Up or Register button. Use this to create your account following the instructions.

Step 4: View Your Bookmarks:

After the bookmarks are stored, simply locate an option on the web page that allows you to access them, like My Bookmarks, My Links, etc. If you click on it, you can see all the links that you have saved before.

Step 5: Organize Bookmarks with Tags:
Are there plans to allow tags to be added to bookmarks to make things more organized? Tags enable you to group your saved links for easier access. Tags are like labels that you attach to each link you create to help you organize your links into separate categories, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Some features of

  • Use Browser Extensions:- could provide extensions for various popular web browsers. The function is to check whether an extension is available, then make for easy bookmarking.
  • Customize Settings:- The account can be explored first. There may be options for appearance customization, privacy settings .
  • Export Bookmarks:- To export your bookmarks for backup or use them with another service, you should be able to find an option to export bookmarks. It is usually located in the settings or bookmarks management section.
  •  Additional Features works anywhere, anytime. Whether you are on your computer, tablet, or phone, your saved links are right there. It is like having a pocket-sized library of your favorite websites wherever you go.

3. LinkAce:

LinkAce is like that friendly helping  for website link managers in the online world. This website link manager helps to manage all the website links orderly and simple. Think of it as your own personal web guide. And saving links with LinkAce is as easy as ABC means in Alphabetical order. If you find a site that you want to remember, just press LinkAce’s neat little browser extension or just cut and paste the link directly into the dashboard. That’s like putting your treasures into your own digital treasure chest.

Following are step-by-step guide on how to manage or use LinkAce, a website link manager:

Step 1: Access LinkAce
Open your web browser and type the address into the address bar, then press Enter.

Step 2: Install LinkAce
The application can be downloaded and installed according to the instructions on the LinkAce website. During installation you may have to create a database and set some options.

Step 3: Create an Account:
If LinkAce asks for user accounts, register for a new account by clicking on the Sign up or Register button. Otherwise, create an account.

Step 4: Log In/signup:
Sign in to  the account information that you entered when you registered.

Step 5: Add a New Link:

Try to find some way for you to make an addition. It’s generally called Add Link, New Bookmark, or something like that. Click on it.

Step 6: Fill in Link Details
Fill out the form that follows which concerns the link. The latter generally consists of URL, title, description, and tags. Double click on a “ Save ” or “ Add ” button to save the link.

Step 7: Tag and Category Link Organization:
Look into how to categorize your links with tags and categories. This also means that your links are organized and easily located.

Step 8: Edit or Delete Links:
If it’s necessary to edit or remove the link later, find the “ edit ” or “ delete ” buttons and proceed accordingly.

 Explore Advanced Features

There may well be other capabilities such as you can share your link and  import and export bookmarks, browser add-ons, or collaborative software. Use these features according to what you want to do.

However, the advantages don’t end there. Powerful link management tools LinkAce has been designed to be the only link manager you will need on your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. Whether you are on your computer, tablet or phone, your links will be synchronized and ready to link. It is like you have your whole bookmark collection of favorite sites in your pocket, available wherever you are. helps to  keep your website link well-organized and easy to access. It is a fantastic web link  that you can easily use.

 Steps for how to manage or use, a website link manager:

Step 1: Access
 In your web browser just enter into the address bar, then press Enter.

Step 2: Sign Up or Log In

In your case as a new user, you can sign up for a new account by clicking on the Sign Up or Register button. If you’ve registered before, then just log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Install the Extension:
To make the experience even more better, you could install the browser extension. On the website, search for a button or icon that reads something like ‘Download Extension’, and follow its prompts.

Step 4: Add a New link:
See if there is a button or functional choice that says Add Bookmark, New Bookmark, etc. Click on it.

 Step 5: Save the link
You fill in the details, you then just need to find the ‘Save’ or ‘Add’ button and press it to save the bookmark.

 Step 6: Access Your Bookmarks/links
Look for a part or menu on the web page that says ‘My bookmarks, ‘My links’ or whatever. Just click on it and you can see your saved bookmarks.

Additional features of

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:- is available on a variety of platforms, including browsers, desktop programs, and mobile phones. This would guarantee a uniform experience whatever the device.

2. Search Functionality:- Uses a strong search function, so one can find bookmarks using keywords, tags, or titles.

3. Bookmark Import and Export:- In addition, users can import bookmarks from other browsers or services. Moreover, even lets users export and share their bookmarks for backup..

4.Offline Access:- lets users access their bookmarks even when they are unconnected from the Internet.



Quicklinkr is also one of the best website link manager tools , which helps to manage links in an organized way.
 Step-by-step guide on how to manage or use Quicklinkr, a website link manager:

Step 1: Access Quicklinkr
Open a web browser and type ‘’ into its address bar. And press Enter.

Step 2: Sign Up or Log In:
If you are a first-time vuser, click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ button to register. For those who have already registered, just log in.

Step 3: Add a New Link:
Explore for some way to insert a link. Typically this is just called Add Link, New Bookmark, and so on. Click on it.

Step 4: Fill in Link Details and save:
 fill  the link you want. Usually this involves a website address (URL), a title, and tags. And then click on a save or add button to save the link.

Step 5: Organize Links with Tags:
 Tags allow you to organize and locate your bookmarked pages. Search for a part or setting that lets you manage tags.

Step 6: Edit or Delete Links:
To edit or remove a link later, look for the words, such as Edit or Delete, and go ahead. It is also helpful for changing link information or eliminating unnecessary links.

Step 7: Customize Settings:
Make a deep look into the settings of your Quicklinkr account. It may present you with the possibility of altering its appearance, the level of privacy, or other preferences.

Step 8: Access Your Bookmarks

Go to some part or menu where you can see your bookmarks. It is usually marked “ My Bookmarks, ” “ My Links, ” and so on. Double click it to view and edit your bookmarks.

Additional Features

  • Quicklinkr might be able to import export bookmarks, share links, or use browser extensions as you want.
  • You can logout from the device  if you are using a public computer to access your Quicklinkr bookmarks, you would still be smart to log out to prevent others from using your account.
  •  You can use Quicklinkr in multiple device in laptop, computer,your phone etc.

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